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The Mazarine Library, Paris, which assigns ARKs under the NAAN 61562 (photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen).


  • ARKetype: ARKetype is an Archival Resource Key (ARK) allocation service managed by the Haute école de gestion de Genève which was initiated thanks to the funding from swissuniversities.
  • resolver: Name-to-Thing, a global resolver for ARKs and other identifiers. The service is currently hosted at the CDL.

Plug-ins and software

A non-exhaustive scan of open source software modules implementing ARK services turned up this set of packages. Some may not be currently maintained. To get your software listed please let us know about it.

  • arklet: a Python Django application for minting, binding, and resolving ARKs, created by the Internet Archive
  • arknoid: docker application to simplify setting up and managing ARK minters
  • Noid: (Nice Opaque Identifiers), original open source Perl software for minting and resolving ARKs on your own
  • Pynoid: Python implementation of Noid
  • Golang Noid: Golang/Docker implementation of Noid
  • Ruby Noid: Ruby implementation of Noid
  • PHP Noid: PHP implementation of Noid
  • OJS Plug-in: ARK plug-in for the Open Journal System (OJS) of the Public Knowledge Project (similar to its DOI plug-in) that works with versions 3.1.X, 3.2.X, and 3.3.X, and with locales for the Spanish and English (more languages coming). Installation and configuration in English (ARK Plugin Guide for OJS) and Español (Guia del Plugin ARK para OJS).
  • ArkAndNoid “Omeka Classic”: module to create and manage ARKs for the Omeka Classic open source web-publishing platform
  • ArkAndNoid “Omeka S”: module to create and manage ARKs for the Omeka S open source web-publishing platform
  • Archival Resource Key Identifier Name Mapping: module for Drupal which allows your Drupal site to act as a Name Mapping Authority
  • EZID codebase: Provides a user interface to minting and resolving that enables you to become an ARK service provider (requires significant expertise to set up and run)
  • N2T codebase: Picks up where Noid development left off; the code is in flux, requires significant expertise to set up and run, and consists of a generic Eggnog minting, binding, and resolution package plus an N2T-admin package; we are currently seeking funding to create a next-generation ARK resolver

Selected presentations

  • The ARK Alliance: 20 years, 850 institutions, 8.2 billion persistent identifiers, 2021-10-22, presentation (English). slides
  • ARKetype – Ask Me Anything, 2021-01-27, presentation (English) plus interactive questions and answers (English, French, German). video (75 mins)
  • INCIPIT: An ARK Allocation Service in Switzerland, 2020-11-16, Julien Raemy. video (12 mins) Note (2021): this project is still known as INCIPIT but the service is now called ARKetype.
  • ARKs in the Open: 3.2 billion Persistent Identifiers, 2020-04-23, John Kunze, Bess Missell, Karen Hanson, Tom Creighton. abstract | video (62 mins) | slides 
  • Integrating ArchivesSpace and ARKs, 2020-03-04, John Kunze, Seth Shaw, Christine di Bella. abstract | video (60 mins) | slides
  • ARKs in the Open: community owned identifier infrastructure, 2020-01-24, John Kunze. slides
  • ARK Identifier Summit, National Library of France, 2018-03-21, Sébastien Peyrard, John Kunze, Bertrand Caron, Nicolas Thouvenin, Roxana Maurer-Popistașu, Bruno Revellin, Delphine Jamet, Franck Bernardet, Adrien di Mascio, Guillaume Lory, Alexis Moisdon, Emmanuelle Bermès. abstract | collected videos (5 hours, in French 🇫🇷)
  • Keynote address at ARK Identifier Summit, 2018-03-21, John Kunze. video link (45 mins, in French 🇫🇷) | English transcription
  • Using Archival Resource Keys (ARKs) for Persistent Identification, 2008-06-05, Mark Phillips. slides