The Mazarine Library, Paris, which assigns ARKs under the NAAN 61562 (photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen).

Services: complete ARK support

  • EZID: long term identifiers made easy, if you would rather not install and maintain a service yourself. The service is hosted at the California Digital Library (CDL).
  • ARKetype: ARKetype is an Archival Resource Key (ARK) allocation service managed by the Haute école de gestion de Genève which was initiated thanks to the funding from swissuniversities.

Services: global resolver

  • resolver: Name-to-Thing, a global resolver for ARKs and other identifiers. The service is currently hosted at the CDL.

Plug-ins and software

A brief scan (May 2019) of open source software modules implementing ARK services turned up this set of packages. Some may not be currently maintained.

  • Noid: (Nice Opaque Identifiers), original open source Perl software for minting and resolving ARKs on your own
  • Pynoid: Python implementation of Noid
  • Golang Noid: Golang/Docker implementation of Noid
  • Ruby Noid: Ruby implementation of Noid
  • PHP Noid: PHP implementation of Noid
  • ArkAndNoid “Omeka Classic”: module to create and manage ARKs for the Omeka Classic open source web-publishing platform
  • ArkAndNoid “Omeka S”: module to create and manage ARKs for the Omeka S open source web-publishing platform
  • Archival Resource Key Identifier Name Mapping: module for Drupal which allows your Drupal site to act as a Name Mapping Authority
  • EZID codebase: Provides a user interface to minting and resolving that enables you to become an ARK service provider (requires significant expertise to set up and run)
  • N2T codebase: Picks up where Noid development left off; the code is in flux, requires significant expertise to set up and run, and consists of a generic Eggnog minting, binding, and resolution package plus an N2T-admin package; we are currently seeking funding to create a next-generation ARK resolver

Selected presentations

  • ARKetype – Ask Me Anything, 2021-01-27, presentation (English) plus interactive questions and answers (English, French, German) video (75 mins)
  • INCIPIT: An ARK Allocation Service in Switzerland, 2020-11-16, Julien Raemy. video (12 mins) Note (2021): this project is still known as INCIPIT but the service is now called ARKetype.
  • ARKs in the Open: 3.2 billion Persistent Identifiers, 2020-04-23, John Kunze, Bess Missell, Karen Hanson, Tom Creighton. abstract | video (62 mins) | slides 
  • Integrating ArchivesSpace and ARKs, 2020-03-04, John Kunze, Seth Shaw, Christine di Bella. abstract | video (60 mins) | slides
  • ARKs in the Open: community owned identifier infrastructure, 2020-01-24, John Kunze. slides
  • ARK Identifier Summit, National Library of France, 2018-03-21, Sébastien Peyrard, John Kunze, Bertrand Caron, Nicolas Thouvenin, Roxana Maurer-Popistașu, Bruno Revellin, Delphine Jamet, Franck Bernardet, Adrien di Mascio, Guillaume Lory, Alexis Moisdon, Emmanuelle Bermès. abstract | collected videos (5 hours, in French 🇫🇷)