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ARKs at PIDapalooza

In an action-packed 24-hour period starting Wednesday 27 January (tomorrow!), there will be five virtual Crowdcast sessions relating to ARK identifier applications at the annual conference on persistent identifiers, Three of those five sessions will be in English, one in Spanish ??, and one in German ??.

Conference registration is free. Among the many fascinating sessions, those relating to ARKs are scheduled for January 27-28 as follows (all times in UTC, eg, 17:00 UTC equals 09:00 in Los Angeles).

  1. Wednesday 17:00 UTC — Of ARKs and Ontologies
  2. Wednesday 18:00 UTC — PID gratuitos para Argentina ??
  3. Wednesday 23:00 UTC — Extending ROR – Wag the Lion
  4. Wednesday 23:30 UTC — GUIDs in GLAMs: Smithsonian Embraces Different PIDs for Different Entities
  5. Thursday 12:30 UTC — INCIPIT: ein ARK-Attributionsservice in der Schweiz ??

If you are not available to participate, session recordings will be available to watch later.

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