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The ARK tutorial described below was first offered in 2023 along with conferences such as Code4lib, IIIF, and JCDL. We hope to offer it at other conferences and to make a video recording available.

Course description

Title: Up and running with ARK persistable identifiers

In this 3-hour workshop we will introduce you to ARKs (Archival Resource Keys), which can serve as persistent identifiers, or stable, trusted references for information objects (eg, web addresses that don’t return 404 Page Not Found errors). For more than two decades, 8.2 billion ARKs have been created by over 1000 organizations — libraries, data centers, archives, museums, publishers, government agencies, and vendors. We will cover:


Donny Winston is a consulting engineer who helps research data stewards design and deploy FAIR digital objects and services. He is the owner and principal of Polyneme LLC; a cofounder of the FAIR Points event series; and host of the Machine-Centric Science podcast.

John Kunze is a pioneer in the theory and practice of digital libraries. With a background in computer science and mathematics, he wrote BSD Unix tools that come pre-installed with Mac and Linux systems. He created the ARK identifier scheme (, the scheme-agnostic resolver, and contributed heavily to the first standards for URLs (RFC1736, RFC1625, RFC2056), library search and retrieval (Z39.50), archival transfer (BagIt – RFC8493), web archiving (WARC), and metadata (RFC2413, RFC2731, ANSI/NISO Z39.85).