Community update 2021-10-05

We’re pleased to welcome David Nogueiras Blanco and Stéphanie Gregorio to the NAAN curator team. David is working with the ARKetype project at the Geneva School of Business Administration, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland and Stéphanie joins us from the Institute for scientific and technical information (INIST) in France.

An updated snapshot of of a few ARK community numbers

  • Organizations registered to assign ARKs: 838 (+77 in four months)
  • Known number of ARKs in the world: 8.2 billion
  • Amount paid for the right to create ARKs: $0
  • Average resolutions per day by in 2020: 114,027
  • Average resolutions per day by in 2021: 135,888

A sampling from the 70 organizations newly registered to assign ARKs in the past four months:

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